Hello! It's been so long since the last time i posted.
This time, I'm gonna tell you guys about my Dewa Athena experience.

Dewa Athena is an sport event where the classes of 10th grade compete against eachother and so is the 11th grader.
It took place in Lapangan Bali. Dewa athena was held on 23rd- 24th of March 2017 for the 11th grade, and on 25th of March 2017 for the 10th grade. Actually there are still more days for it to be held but i don't know the exact date of it.

On the first day for the 10th grade, which is on 25th of March 2017, there are lots of sports to be competed with. Which is basketball, futsal, volley, badminton, tug of war, estafet running, and gobak sodor.
I came to Lapangan Bali at 07.30 am. We had to wear our own jersey that has to be different from all other classes. It started with an opening from the MC. The first sport that my class have to compete is Estafet Running. The player of estafet running from my class was Adham, Azzam, Nanette and Karin…


Questions : Horizontal: 1. Apes that inhabit the forests of Central Africa. 2. the synonym of germinate. 3. The years of a person's age from 13 to 19. 4. Adult human male 5. Immoral act that transgess against divine law. 6. Abbreviation of ounces. 7. The synonym of awful. 8. Green,red, blue, purple. 9. The end of life. 10. Badly behaved. 11. The day before an event. 12. Abbreviation of favorite. 13. Enter.
Vertical: 1. Brave. 2. Group. 3. An opening in the wall. 4. .... and Tricks. 5. Prison. 6. The appreciation of beauty. 7. A place where breads and cakes are made. 8. Forest consists of.. 9. Ramen. 10. A piece of hair on man that brushed upward and backward from the forehead. 11. Out. 12. I


Hi guys! It's been so long since i've been posting in my blog.
Today is the first day of school on the 2nd semester after 2 weeks of holiday due to New Year 2017.

In this holiday, i didn't do too much. I basically stayed at home for the majority of this holiday. I even spent the seconds of the new year watching some korean drama.

The first week of the holiday, after taking my raport, my family planned to go to Jakarta on sunday because my dad works there and i also want to go shopping for my room's redecoration. But, it was postponed to Thursday because there is some canopy workers and my dad told my mother and me to keep our eyes on them.

From Sunday to Thursday, i stayed at home and watched some korean dramas. I'm actually really upset because i end up spending my holiday in my house doing nothing, especially because it's only for two weeks and i've been really stressed studying for the past semester so i needed some refreshing.

Finally, Thursday comes an…

Robert Downey Jr.

Hello everyone! In this post, I'm gonna tell you about the biography of Robert Downey Jr. 
Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor known for roles in a wide variety of films, including 'Iron Man,' 'Chaplin,' 'Soapdish' and 'Wonder Boys.'
Robert Downey Jr. began acting as a young child. But his growing success was marred by years of struggles with drug abuse. Eventually turning his life around, he earned a resurgence of critical and popular acclaim, and is considered one of Hollywood's A-list actors. Robert Downey Jr. was born on April 4, 1965, in New York City, the son of the avant-garde filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.,  Downey began acting as a young child. His mother, Elsie, was an actress who instilled in her son a love of performing.  He would go on to have small parts in several more of his father's films. Downey's parents divorced when he was 13, and the young actor ended up living in Los Angeles, California, with his fa…


Hi! Welcome back to my blog.
In this post i'm gonna tell you about the moral of the story that my friend Dara, Fachri, and Arjun told me, and my story too.

The first story was Dara's and the title of her story was "Princess Rose and the Golden Bird"
the moral value of her story is that you should never give up to get the things you want and that someday you will meet your destiny which is in this case, the prince from princess Rose's childhood.

The second story was Fachri's and the title was "The Three Little Pigs"
the moral of the story is the result that you get from your work depends on the effort that you give to the work. That's why the the wolf can't destroy the third pig's house.

The last story was Arjun's and the title was "The Foolish Donkey"
the moral value of his story is that we shold not cheat while doing some work because we will get the consequences.

and the last but not least, the title of my story was "…


Assalamualaikum wr.wb

To all of the 10th grader of SMAN 3 Bandung, a parade for Cultural Festival 2016 will be held on:

       Date : Saturday, 8th of October 2016
       Time : 08.00 am til 10.00 am
       Place : Starting from Bali Field

All of the students must wear traditional clothes such as kebaya for female students and pangsi for male students. All of the 10th grader that is not a committe of this event must participate on this parade.

The committee of Cultural Event 2016

Here's the link to my video:


Hi Everyone!

in this post, i'm gonna tell you my friend's story. This story is an unforgettable moment that my friend Nadine has experienced.

Nadine was such a great student so when this happened, she was very shocked and she still remembers it until now.

This happened about a year ago when she was still in 9th grade. It all started when she went to took a wudhu in the mosque of her old school. She met her homeroom teacher, greeted her, and asked the teacher about some school stuff. And then, there's another teacher came to the mosque. Her friend greeted the teacher, but Nadine did not greet the teacher because she was talking to her homeroom teacher. While her friend greeted the other teacher, the teacher said "Don't just greet the teacher that you know, you should greet all the teacher even if they don't teach you in class" pretty loudly that Nadine heard her. Nadine came and greeted her but the teacher didn't pay any attention. Nadine felt really b…